WhatsApp Pink? Is it Malware/Virus or the New features of WhatsApp?

This article is about the new WhatsApp Pink which is nowadays in trending on WhatsApp group and personal chats. In this article, we have talked about in-depth knowledge of WhatsApp either it’s a virus or malware as well as an official application or new update by WhatsApp LLC! If it is a virus then what are the things you need to check if you have installed this APK. How to delete this application? If this is malware, Is your data is secured? How it can be a dangerous? If it is new features or a new application by WhatsApp so, there is actual new features? All these things have been described in this article.

WhatsApp Pink

Nowadays people are getting links in their WhatsApp group or in personal chats. That, WHATSAPP Pink is the new application/Features which is not given by the WHATSAPP LLC. Features like Pink color background, New Graphics, Fancy Emoji’s, new keyboard and so on. Some settings like SA Settings, Restart, New Chatting, Enable DND Mode and common setting of normal WhatsApp like Setting for what’s app profile view, payments & many more. These are the features of the so-called NEW WHATAPP PINK.

As we talk about the WhatsApp pink features let’s come to the point. Whether its Ransom attack or else a new application. So, my dear readers, WHATSAPP PINK IS NEW MALWARE APPLICATION. It is not the official application by WhatsApp LLC.

A Cybersecurity researcher named Mr Rajshekhar Rajaharia is running a cybersecurity company. Also is a Cyber Security researcher. He twitted about this WhatsApp pink application. According to research done by the Rajshekhar, he identifies that the APK contains some malware that can harm the mobile phone of the user.

In his tweet he has written, “Complete access to your phone will be lost”. What it means is when you download the APK (Android Application Package) from the unknown website and try to install this APK on the mobile phone and start using WHATS APP PINK as your new chatting application. It will clone your old WHATS APP data with this application. Nowadays everything is on a cellphone like Banking, Photos, Emails, Contacts & so on. So, WHATSAPP PINK has developed such a way that in the backend it will take all the information from your phone and upload it to the server of the hacker. In this way, the hacker can sell the data in the dark world or might be they can use data to attack you personally.


So, the simplest way to see the source is secure or not is to check the SSL. It can be seen in the address bar of the browser. On the right-hand top side, if it is Green color then the website is secure. If, Red color then there are chances that the website may have some security issues or loopholes in the website.

Now in the case of the WHATSAPP PINK link, it can see the website is not secure. The link of the website was different. The website domain was not the original domain of the WHATSAPP LLC.


If you have installed any other WhatsApp other than the original like GB-WhatsApp, WhatsApp Pink or WhatsApp+, make sure once firstly clear your data than only uninstall the application. Also, if possible, try to reset your phone. Because there are chances of malware on the phone after uninstalling the application. So, Factory reset your phone.


WhatsApp pink is the application that has been not published by the WhatsApp LLC. It is the malware that can be used to take your data from your phone and use that data to sell on the dark web or use that data against you and ask for the ransom. Always check the website URL before visiting the website. Also, check the website should be secure. Compare URL website with the original website. At the end doesn’t forward any URL or messages without knowing the source. Always download the application from authorized platform such as Google Play store or App Store.